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Brad Domke occupies a small space in the surfing world. There aren’t too many big wave skimboarders. We’re talking count ’em-on-one-hand numbers. Another skilled skimmer is Sean McClenahan, who recently rode Jaws on a bit of a smaller day. A tiny group of people is willing to slide down the face of enormous waves on nothing but a tiny, finless disc, and Brad Domke is at the top of that tiny heap. Hell, remember when he rode THAT wave at Puerto? It’s worth another look. Well, Domke’s up to his old tricks again, but this time he was at Jaws on January 16.

It was a day that won’t ever be forgotten by a lot of people. Peahi did things that we weren’t fully aware it could do. The finest big wave surfers on earth were there to harness some of Mother Nature’s almost-unimaginable power, and Domke decided to do it on a skimboard.

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