Unfortunately, Waimea does NOT look like this today. Photo: @connorkollenda

Unfortunately, Waimea does NOT look like this today. Photo: @connorkollenda

The Inertia

The Bay calls the day. And unfortunately, today is not the day.

After contest organizers gave the Quiksilver In Memory of Eddie Aikau big wave invitational the green light on Monday to run on Wednesday, preparations and anticipations ran rampant. But at the early morning check of the buoys and conditions, event director Glen Moncata has called off the event, according to Hawaii News Now.

This would’ve been the first time the prestigious big wave surf contest ran in six years and contest directors were preparing for tens of thousands of viewers along with the world’s best heavy water hellmen to infiltrate the waves and the roadside of the historic Waimea Bay.

But with the anticipated swell running a little behind, the call was made to hold off.


The contest waiting period goes until February 29th, so although the contest is called off for today, there’s still a chance. And the folks over at WorldSurfLeague.com will be broadcasting the morning free surf, in case you still need your fix of Waimea mayhem.


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