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Pyzel surfboards raffle california wildfires

Choose from three models from the Ghost line and help out the Red Cross at the same time. Images: Pyzel

The Inertia

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last week, I have a bit of news for you: California has been absolutely devastated. Paradise is gone, leveled by the Camp Fire. Much of Malibu was torched by the Woolsey Fire, including Strider Wasilewski’s home and my own.

It’s been a strange week—one that I plan on writing about once I can get back up my road to pick through the rubble, but I’m having a difficult time wrapping my head around it all—but one thing has become very clear. In the face of devastation, communities come together. Neighbors help neighbors. Strangers become tied together through heartbreak. Surfing is a community, no matter how big and how spread out it may be. There have been numerous stories that prove it like South Bay shaper Ryan Harris’s boat-in mission to get much-needed supplies to those who chose to stay inside the evacuation zone. Another example is Pyzel’s raffle.

“The winner of the raffle can select a model from our ghost collection, either custom made for the winner or from our retail stock in time for Christmas,” Pyzel explained on the raffle site. “The models in the collection include our best selling board, the Ghost for bigger waves, the Phantom for smaller ones, or the Gremlin for mushy days. This prize includes shipping to any US address.  If you live outside the US you can still enter but you will be responsible for all shipping costs.”

Pyzel, as you know, is John John Florence’s shaper. He’s made surfboards for Kelly Slater, Mark Healey, Koa Rothman, Mason Ho, Ross Williams, Sally Fitzgibbons, and a whole lot more. One does not get to be at the top of a totem pole without knowing what they’re doing, and Pyzel’s surfboards are without a doubt some of the best on earth. So here’s your chance to help out the Red Cross—who housed my aunt and put food in her belly while I drove around frantically trying to find her—and maybe, just maybe, score a brand new Pyzel for a measly $10.


Enter to win/help HERE or donate directly to the Red Cross HERE.


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