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The Inertia

I’m going to throw something out there: the best surfer in the world isn’t Kelly Slater, or whoever is in first place on the tour right now, or “the one having the most fun.” It’s Clay Fucking Marzo.

Guy barely ever goes right… because he doesn’t have to. He’s not on tour. He’s surfing because he’s a surfer, in every sense of the word. He doesn’t give a shit if you see him surf–in fact, he’d probably rather you didn’t, it’s just the the only way he can surf as much as he wants is drop mind blowing edits like this one every now and then. And God love him for it. Clay Marzo, you, my friend, are the best surfer on the planet.

Clay Marzo “808 Liv’n” from Peter Labrador on Vimeo.


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