The Inertia

Nestled off the northwest coast of Africa, the Canary Islands are a place of rugged beauty. The Spanish own the Atlantic archipelago, which is often compared to another world, a lunar landscape, due to the volcanic nature of the land. In addition to bizarre and beautiful land features, the islands face the open ocean, making their swell-heavy coastlines a popular place for surfers.

The waves range from heavy barrels to fun, rippable skateparks. On a recent trip, Jeremy Flores, Marc Lacomare and Dimitri Ouvre surfed both types of the Canaries’ high class waves. On the smaller, more shred-friendly side J-Flo miraculously sticks what might be one of the craziest laybacks ever. Hit play at the 1:27 time mark and judge for yourself. In the history of insane hacks (Dane Reynolds’ from Haleiwa a few years back comes to mind), Jeremy Flores isn’t your “go-to” guy. But here he makes a solid argument to be added to the discussion. He looks like Spiderman or a cat or Clay Marzo, for that matter. The Frenchman finished in 8th last year on Tour, but if he can pull these off in a heat during the 2016 season, he could move WAY up.


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