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dolphin attacks in japan

Four people were hurt in a spate of dolphin attacks on Sunday in Japan. Photo: Unsplash

The Inertia

Four swimmers were hurt on Sunday after dolphin attacks in central Japan during a strange series of events off Suishohama Beach in the town of Mihama, Fukui prefecture.

According to reports, one of the attacks ended when a man in his 60s suffered broken ribs and multiple bites to his hands. In another attack, a man in his 40s was bitten on the arms. Two more people sustained dolphin-related injuries later on the same day.

So far his year, there have been six dolphin attacks on people in the area. Although dolphins are not normally aggressive towards humans, it has been theorized that some dolphins can become stressed when humans swim beside them. Signs have been placed at Suishohama Beach warning beachgoers to stay away from the dolphins, should they enter the area.


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