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The Inertia

Dylan Graves knows a good wave when he sees one. And the Lunch Counter Wave on the Snake River near Jackson Hole, Wyoming is definitely a good wave. The scene there is so cool. And so many great surfers have traveled there to ride that wave: Alex Grey, Bobby Martinez, Blair Conklin, and yes, Mr. Graves, who has made several treks to this part of the Rocky Mountains to get a surf in.

Lunch Counter is different in the river-surfing world. It’s sort of like a right-hand wedge that forms naturally on the Snake when the river runs at around 10,000 CFS and below – a super-fun performance wave. Or it has a cruisy section, if a longer board is more your speed. Dylan knows when to show up. In the video, he delves into what the place has meant to him, and what the cool people that live there have shown him. He’s probably left a few impressions himself on the locals.

“For this video, I went back to the Lunch Counter, one of Wyoming’s best surfable rapids in the Snake River,” he wrote. “First time back after almost a decade to rediscover the magic of this charming little surf scene in the heart of the U.S. And reconnecting with (that) inspiring scene that has sent me on the path I’m on today.”

At the end of the video, Dylan announces he’s bringing back his iconic little series, Weird Waves, but he’s debuting it with the wrong outlet (kidding, not kidding). “Our fourth season of Weird Waves will be premiering July 3,” he said. A lot of fans will be stoked. Weird Waves is a good one. And Dylan makes the whole thing go.


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