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Every year, on the third Sunday of June, people across the U.S. celebrate Dad. This year, Father’s Day falls on the 19th, which means that you don’t have much time to get the fathers in your life a nice gift. If you have a dad who surfs and are having some trouble deciding what to get them, here are some great gift ideas for his day. Some are grand, some are simple. Some will cost you a pretty penny and some won’t break the bank. But whichever you choose, dad will love it.

Here’s the List:

A Softboard for Summer
A Custom Board
A Surf Hat
Ear Plugs
A Drone
A Book
A GoPro:
A Surf Poncho
YETI Rambler 20 oz. Tumbler

catch surf soft board

Tyler Stanaland boosting on a soft-top. Photo: Vimeo

A Soft-Top Surfboard for Summer

Some people say that softboards are for beginners, and while that is true, to say they’re just for beginners is completely false. Foam surfboards have summer fun in the sun written all over them, especially when the waves are too crappy to try and grind it out on a shortboard. Onshore windy slop? Can do. Pounding shorebreak? Bring it on. A softboard is the number one way to make bad waves fun, and can bring out the inner grom in anyone. Just ask one of the best surfers in the world, Jamie O’Brien.

For some softboard ideas for Dad, check out our guide to the 10 Best Soft-Top Surfboards. Or check this Catch Surf Odysea out, which comes highly recommended. Like I said above, they’re not just for beginners. They’re for anyone who wants to make surfing fun.

Patagonia surf brim

The Patagonia Surf Brim is the perfect hat to give dad’s noggin some shade. Photo: Patagonia

A Surf Hat

I don’t know about you, but my dad is bald. Nothing wrong with that, but it does require some extra preparation to get out in the water without some hair keeping your scalp well-shaded. Sunscreen is one solution, but the best solution by far is a surf hat.

Check out our guide to The 10 Best Surf Hats, or purchase one of our favorites, the Patagonia Surf Brim, (pictured above and featured in said guide) right here.

YETI Rambler 20oz

Photo: REI

YETI Rambler 20 oz. Tumbler

YETI’s Rambler series are arguably the best-insulated tumblers on the market. The 20-ounce version fits in most car cup holders and keeps coffee hot, beers cold, (doesn’t hang on to the taste of either of them), and is an essential drinking vessel for dawn patrol surf checks, long summer days at the beach, and everything in between.

Buy here.

We Reviewed the Best Earplugs for Surfing

Conner Coffin, protecting an important asset. Photo: Surfears


Surfer’s Ear is a very uncomfortable condition caused by cold winds and water. It’s not really an illness, but an abnormal growth of a small bone found inside the ear. This can be prevented by using surf earplugs. The thing about them is that they are easily lost, which is why a surfer can never have enough earplugs. There are plenty of surf ear plugs to choose from when picking something out for dad, and more premium options like Surf Ears 2.0 come with a tether so they don’t get lost. Although it is summer, if dad lives where the water gets colder than 63 degrees, earplugs should be on his gear list.

Check out our review of the best earplugs for surfing to score your dad a pair and show him you care about his ears (pssst, some of them are suuuuper cheap).

Surf Is Where You Find It by Gerry Lopez

A Great Surf Book:

Keeping it simple with a book about surfing makes for an excellent and relatively inexpensive Father’s Day gift. Here are our top three recommendations:

1.Barbarian Days by William Finnegan

2. Let My People Go Surfing by Yvonn Chouinard

3. Surf Is Where You Find It by Gerry Lopez

Bonus: History of Surfing by Matt Warshaw.

A surfing dad who reads will surely appreciate both. Just make sure the father you’re buying the book for does read from time to time.

Check out our guide to The Best Surf Books of All Time.

Selfie with the Gopro

Selfie with the Gopro

A GoPro:

The GoPro is the ultimate action camera. If your surfer dad doesn’t already own one, then buying him a GoPro will definitely bring a smile to his face and even automatically make you his favorite person in the whole world. If you don’t have deep pockets there are plenty of places where you can buy older models. GoPro cameras are some of the most durable actions cameras around. If you don’t believe us, read about this GoPro camera that was lost at sea for two months, only to be found with the photos still intact. How awesome is that?

Check Price on the GoPro website, B&H Photo or on Amazon.

Slowtide Changing Poncho

Photo: Slowtide

Slowtide The Digs Changing Poncho

Once Dad puts on one of these softies he’ll never go back. That being said, there’s a hot chance it’s the type of thing he’d never buy himself, so do your old man a favor and buy one for him. A hood keeps you warm or provides shade and (finally) there’s no need to worry about a towel-around-the-waist wardrobe malfunction in the parking lot. As the product description reads “Get the Slowtide The Digs changing poncho and stop flashing the tourists.” There’s a chance your dad doesn’t give a hoot about the tourist’s fragile sensibilities, but this gift could save you a few embarrassed-by-my-dad-again moments while out surfing with him.

Buy here, and for a more budget-friendly option, we recommend this option from Ho Stevie!


A Custom Surfboard:

If your dad is the old salty surfer who’d scoff at a foamie and either leave it to rot in the backyard or give it to the kid down the street, you don’t have to give up on the idea of getting him a surfboard for Father’s Day. Custom surfboards aren’t cheap, but they’re not always break-the-bank expensive either. The trick is to find the right shaper, to start a conversation with them and ensure that your needs are understood. Custom surfboards make for awesome Father’s Day gift ideas, because they’re created with the person who’s going to use them in mind, which means that they’ll be comfortable, safe, and a proper fit. If you don’t know much about surfing yourself or your dad loves “talking shop,” instead of having the board made ready for Father’s Day, set up a time for him to chat with the shaper and dial in the board of his dreams. Just make sure he’s the patient type of dad! Custom surfboards can take a while.

A Drone:

Drones are some of the coolest and most useful gadgets in the world, and surfing is one spectacular sport to pair them with. Drones allow you to capture some amazing videos and photos and these days they are becoming more and more affordable. A surfing drone would make such a cool present for any surfing dad.

Check out DJI’s line of surf-ready drones like the Mavic Mini, an absolute steal ($312) and a super powerful drone.

Other honorable Father’s Day gifts ideas include: a bicycle surf rack, a personalized wax holder, a portable shower, cold-water booties, a cool backpack, or a DVD of his favorite surf movie. Whatever it is, make sure it’s from the heart and he’ll be bound to love it!

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