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Every year, on the third Sunday of June, people across the U.S. celebrate Dad. This year, Father’s Day falls on the 19th, which means that you don’t have much time to get the fathers in your life a nice gift. If you have a dad who surfs and are having some trouble deciding what to get them, here are some great gift ideas for his day. Some are grand, some are simple. Some will cost you a pretty penny and some won’t break the bank. But whichever you choose, Dad will love it.

A Custom Board:



Custom surfboards aren’t cheap, but they’re not always expensive either. The trick is to find the right shaper, to start a conversation with them and ensure that your needs are understood. Custom surfboards make for awesome Father’s Day gifts ideas, just because they’re created with the person who’s going to use them in mind, which means that they will be comfortable, safe, and a proper fit.

Ear Plugs:

Surfer’s ear is a very uncomfortable condition caused by cold winds and water. It’s not really an illness, but an abnormal growth of a small bone found inside the ear. This can be prevented by using surf ear plugs. The thing about them is that they are easily lost, which is why a surfer can never have enough ear plugs. There are plenty of surf ear plugs to choose from when picking something out for Dad.

Book Him a Spot in a Surf Camp:

A surf camp will make the surfing dad in your life feel like a teen all over again. Surfing is a sport where there’s always something new to learn or an old move to master. It’s the type of sport where you constantly need to practice it, to stay in on top. Which is why a surf camp is a perfect gift. They’ll get to hang out with like-minded people, practice all day long and improve their surfing.


A Drone:

Drones are some of the coolest and most useful gadgets in the world, and surfing is one spectacular sport to pair them with. Drones allow you to capture some amazing videos and photos and these days they are becoming more and more affordable. A surfing drone would make such a cool present for any surfing dad.

A GoPro:

Selfie with the Gopro

Selfie with the Gopro

The GoPro is the ultimate action camera. If your surfer dad doesn’t already own one, then buying him a GoPro will definitely bring a smile on his face and even automatically make you his favorite person in the whole world. If you don’t have deep pockets there are plenty of places where you can buy older models. Go Pro cameras are some of the most durable actions cameras around. If you don’t believe me, read about this Go Pro camera that was lost at sea for two months, only to be found with the photos still intact. How awesome is that?

A Surf Trip:

A surfing vacation is probably one of the best presents a surfer can receive. Who wouldn’t like a week in the sun, surrounded by surfers on a beach known for nearly perfect waves? This type of Father’s Day gift will appeal to all types of fathers, young and old, experienced or beginners. A surf vacation is generally more laid back than a surf camp, with less surfing activities and more relaxation.

A Book: 

Keeping it simple with a book about surfing makes for an excellent and inexpensive Father’s Day gift. Either get one about the history of surfing or an encyclopedia of surfing that will surely serve not just as an inspiration, but as learning material, or get fiction. A surfing dad who reads will surely appreciate both. Here are some good surfing books ideas. Just make sure the father you’re buying the book for does read.


Other honorable Father’s Day gifts ideas include: a bicycle surf rack, a personalized wax holder, a portable shower, cold-water boots, a cool backpack, or a DVD of his favorite surf movie. Whatever it is, make sure it’s from the heart and he’ll bound to love it!


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