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Surfboard bike racks

It’s very likely that you’ve ridden a bike with a surfboard tucked under your arm. It’s a good way to get to the beach, after all, and if you’re lucky enough to live within reasonable biking distance, it’s the best way to get there. No parking, a bit of extra fresh air, a bit more exercise… there aren’t really any downsides. Except, of course, the actual act of riding your bike with a surfboard tucked under your arm. Stiff headwind? It sucks. Stiff sidewind? It sucks. Stiff tailwind? Better, but still not great. At least you might get there a little faster and you know it’s going to be offshore. That’s where bike racks come in handy — two-handy, if you’ll pardon the pun. Having both hands on the handlebars makes a hell of a difference when it comes to getting to the beach with all of your skin firmly attached to your body instead of peeled off and stuck to the asphalt behind you.

What Makes a Good Surfboard Bike Rack?

It’s pretty simple. A good surfboard bike rack accomplishes several basic tasks. It keeps your surfboard secure while in transit and protects your surfboard the best it possibly can. It’s easy to install. And it makes a minimal impact on your biking experience – the less it affects your mobility, visibility, the better. Each of the surfboard bike racks included accomplishes said tasks. Some better than others. So, after examining everything available on the market, we’ve determined that these six surfboard bike racks will get the job done for you. Here’s our assessment of each.

1. Cor Surf Shortboard Bike Carrier Rack: Typically $94.97, currently $89.97 at time of publishing

COR Surf Shortboard Bike Carrier Rack

Cor Surf Shortboard Carrier should get you the best bang for your buck when selecting a surfboard bike rack. Buy here. Photo: The Inertia/Ryan Trautwein

This is a solid bike rack for your surfboard. I attached it to my bike cruiser about six months ago, and it has changed my life. I can now bike to surf – no vehicle required, and my board is safe. The installation process is pretty simple. It only required an Allen wrench and about thirty minutes to properly attach it to my bike. The green might be a bit much depending on your aesthetics, but as the box says, “You’ll be visible to traffic.” Which is true. I typically place a towel on the rail of my surfboard for an added layer of protection before applying the bungees, but overall no complaints. As far as we’ve seen, this is the most affordable surf bike rack on the market, and it gets the job done. So we’d recommend saving the extra few dollars. Buy here.

2. Ho Stevie! Surfboard Bike Rack: 104.97
Ho Stevie! surfboard bike rack
The Ho Stevie! works with all types of bikes, whether you’re on a beach cruiser, a road bike, a mountain bike, or a BMX. It’s lightweight and, since it’s made from aluminum, it won’t rust in that salty ocean air. With anodized color, chipping will be a thing of the past. Buy here.

3. Moved By Bikes MBB Longboard Rack—$139.89:
Moved by Bikes Surfboard rack

Longboarding is a whole lot of fun, but going anywhere with a nine to 12-foot slab of glassed foam is a pain in the butt, to say the least. And with summer just around the corner, you’d better believe you’ll be dusting that thing off soon. Riding a bike with a longboard under your arm is no easy task, so getting the right rack is important. The Moved by Bikes longboard rack was created by people who were tired of longboard racks that didn’t work very well. MBB racks feature quick-release bars and a front mount that attaches directly to the frame of your bike, making it a whole lot sturdier. While MBB has a rack specifically for shortboards, the longboard version fits one just fine, too. Buy here.

4. Carver Surf Rack CSR Mini: $104.89
Carver surfboard rack

The Carver Mini mounts onto seat posts 25.4mm to 31.8mm, so whatever bike you’ve got, if the seat post fits the Mini, you’re in business. It fits boards up to eight feet in length and is made from welded 6061 aluminum. Buy here.

5. The Mule Surf and SUP Paddle Board Carrier Transport System—$169.00:

Surfboard bike trailer

If you’re a person who rides something a little larger, like a SUP, you know that it’s basically impossible to ride a bike with one tucked under your arm. Sometimes, even a side rack can be a pain in the butt. So here’s a trailer that is ingeniously simple: a strap attaches the front and back of the board together, then hooks over your seat. The back is attached to a small axle, and away you go, towing your board behind like a Roman chariot. Buy here.

6. Carver CSR Scooter Surf Rack (Moped)—$159.95:

Carver surboard moped rack

This one’s not exactly a bike rack, but with the rise in popularity of the electric bike, we thought it might be good to include. Built by Carver, the Scooter rack fits onto the existing cargo rack on most mopeds and scooters. It fits shortboards and longboards, and it built to stand up to a little more speed. Buy here.


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