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After much anticipation, and a pretty rad premiere a couple nights ago at the US Open of Surfing, Mind Surfing has finally hit the internet. The film, above, tells the Conner Coffin story, from his influences growing up in Santa Barbara, Calif. and riding Rincon to the surfers who inspire him the most. I got to chat with Conner about the film and his experience working with fellow Santa Barbara local and legendary filmmaker Keith Malloy.

“For me, the title resonates because since I was a kid, surfing has been an outlet for whatever feelings I have,” said Conner. “On any given day, the lines I draw are just a direct expression of the way I’m feeling, and that’s a huge part of what I love about surfing, the creative expression it gives me.”

The film features Malloy’s timeless storytelling, with Conner’s stylish surfing on full display. Well worth the watch. Do yourself a favor and click play above.


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