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Kelly Slater putting the newest sponsor through its paces. Photo: Kelly Slater

Kelly Slater putting the newest sponsor through its paces. Photo: Kelly Slater

The Inertia

The ASP announced GoPro as the exclusive camera sponsor for the newly named Samsung Galaxy ASP World Championship Tour and the ASP Big Wave World Tour.

Apart from some cash a few logos spread around, GoPro is adding a few ingredients into ASP’s brand new tour. One of the best is called the GoPro Breakdown, which is, according to a press release, “an exclusive wave preview captured by an ASP athlete.” A few of the events (hopefully the newly included J-Bay) will have the cameras mounted on competitor’s boards. Five of the ASP Tour stops are now including a cash prize on top of the prize purse from the contest itself for the best clip from the contest.

The Mad Billionaire, sometimes called Nicholas Woodman and founder of GoPro, started the camera company giant as a way to capture surfing footage. “The core of our brand is rooted in surf, and for many of us here at GoPro, this is a dream realized to be a part of the ASP Tour,” he said. “We are stoked to be part of this next evolution in professional surfing and hope that GoPro can help attract new fans to the sport and give lifelong fans new ways to enjoy the coverage of the tour.”

The formal inclusion of  GoPro into the World Championship Tour and Big Wave World Tour is another big step towards 2014’s goal of spreading surfing as a sport rather than a fashion to a larger audience.


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