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Harry Bryant surfing in Chile

Harry Bryant somehow makes this look casual. Photo: YouTube//Screenshot

The Inertia

I have a confession to make: I’m not all that interested in surf videos these days. Perhaps that’s because I watch a lot of them, but there are a handful of surfers who I’ll readily click play on. Surfers like Torren Martyn. Surfers like Derrick Disney. And surfers like Harry Bryant.

Bryant, much like John John Florence way back in the day, arrived on scene with two things: a funny haircut and a stupid amount of talent. In both cases, the haircut seems to have mellowed a bit (more so in John’s case), but the surfing talent has not.

Bryant paired up with Dave Fox to make the short film you see here, entitled Mucho Gringo. As the name implies, it follows Bryant and Chilean surfer Nicholas Vargas as they make their way through through South America in pursuit of left-hand points.

As you can see, they found what they were looking for, along with a whole lot more.


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