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This recent run of swell has been one for the books. The storm system has caused a national emergency, plenty of damage, and also, lots of pumping surf. California surfers have taken full advantage.

As with any huge swell, heavy spills are inevitable. Occupational hazard. Film Director and surfer, Owen Dubeck, captured an especially grotesque pair of wipeouts at one of the heaviest waves in San Diego on January 6, 2023.

“I caught a couple of fun ones and then went to the beach to film,” Dubeck told The Inertia. “Then this wave came through, which felt like it was about twice the size of everything else.”

Dubeck said he wasn’t entirely sure who the surfers were, though, he suspects one of them was San Diego local, Jacob Szekely.

“I’ll usually head down to Black’s when it’s a bit overhead or double overhead, but never seen anything like this anywhere near SoCal. I surfed a big day at Uluwatu this year and looking at the footage, this may have been bigger.”

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