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The Inertia

Have you always wanted to experience getting barreled at Pipe? Maybe you don’t have the necessary funds to travel to Oahu. Perhaps you live down the street but are too nervous to paddle out at one of the most dangerous waves in the world? Or maybe you’re more of a mind surfer who prefers to stick to dry land. Regardless, getting barreled at Pipe is something that only the most talented of surfers will ever experience. Luckily for those of us unwilling to jump in the ring at there, Jamie O’Brien and his GoPro will help you get closer.

In this video, J.O.B. paddles out on his iconic soft-top and documents his entire session on his GoPro, including riding inside a 15-foot barrel. If you truly want to feel like you were there, don your trunks and a rash guard and have a friend splash some water on you as you watch.


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