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The Inertia

When a big northeast swell hits the North Shore, it shakes things up a bit. Waves act differently. Sand moves from one place to another. And surfers like Jamie O’Brien get excited for a little change of pace. So when a recent northeast blessed that famous stretch of Oahu sand, Rockpiles turned the volume way, way up.

It’s been a few years since Jamie surfed there — three or so — but he got back into the place like he surfed it yesterday. He, of course, was not the only one who looked at the Rockpiles sandbar and decided to paddle out. As is generally the case when waves get good on the North Shore, the lineup was full of very good surfers.

“I can honestly tell you right now,” Jamie said afterward, “best Rockpiles ever surfed… it hasn’t been like this at this particular wave for at least five years. Probably the best I’ve ever surfed it.”


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