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Kelly Slater interview about Sunny Garcia

Kelly Slater opened up about Sunny Garcia while in Western Australia. Click the image to be redirected to the interview. Image: Screenshot/ABC

The Inertia

When the news broke that Sunny Garcia was found unconscious at his home back in April, everyone who knows him was rocked to their core. Rumors flew that he had passed away, and it was soon reported that Sunny had attempted suicide. While updates are few and far between—mostly coming from a crowdfunding campaign set up to help Sunny’s family—it’s clear that the outpouring of love and support is overwhelming.

Kelly Slater, one of Sunny’s best friends, sat down with ABC in Western Australia during the Margaret River event for a wide-ranging interview that offered a look into how he’s dealing with it and why updates have been rare. “I always hear these stories and I wonder, ‘Why don’t people talk about the thing,’ because as a human you have interest in these stories. You want to hear how someone got in this situation and why they did that,” Slater said. “We want to hear all the gory details… Now that it has happened to a person that I consider to be my brother, I think a lot of it is best left to the family to disclose and talk about. I don’t feel like that at all because anything is hidden, I just feel like there is a privacy issue when you have a public person who has done something to try to end their life.”

Since ABC doesn’t allow embeds, you’ll have to go to their site to watch the interview. Simply click on the image above or click HERE to be redirected.


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