Senior Editor

The Inertia

I often think that it would be annoying to be Kelly Slater. Any wave you surf, you’re going to have to smile and be nice and be aware that your every move is being watched. Cameras on the beach clicking and filming, the armchair quarterbacks passing judgement on board choice, wave choice, and everything in between. Sure, he’s likely got his pick of waves, and sure, he can probably get a session at the Surf Ranch pretty easily, but the guy just can’t go anywhere on Earth without causing a stir. Yeah, he asked for it, but still… it’s got to wear on the guy sometimes. Luckily, he’s probably pretty used to it by now. Take, for example, the late-May session at Lowers you see above. All those eyes on him and Kelly Slater is still surfing like he’s 25 years old.


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