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The Inertia

Laird Hamilton takes things seriously. His body is a temple, and he’s not going to pollute it with things like drinks and drugs. Processed food? No way. A hangover day on the couch in front of the television? Not likely. Hell, the guy has a whole business around powdered healthy stuff.

Laird looks at life as a battle. He looks at life as something to be trained for. He holds heavy things underwater, runs around under there, then does the same thing with the same heavy things on top of the water, often mightily attempting to drown anyone who dares enter his pool. He sits in ice, then sits in intense heat. He rides assault bikes while wearing oven mitts in that same intense heat. Laird Hamilton takes things to the extreme, but it’s working for him. The guy trains some of Hollywood’s best. He’s a living legend in the surfing world, so Men’s Health decided to poke around his Malibu compound and see what, exactly, is in his fridge and in his gym.


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