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Not to set expectations too high, but there might be a game-changing women’s surf film in the very near future. Although many consider lineups around the world to be notorious testosterone pits, a group of uber-talented women have done their part to break the machismo stereotype – proving that it’s not necessarily balls that make a surfer ballsy. Women like Maya Gabeira, Keala Kennely, and Layne Beachley (among others) have consistently charged big waves, earning considerable respect along the way.

And now Nike, the newest hurricane of the surf industry, has picked up the lion’s share of the greenest generation of female rippers. Girls that rode the coat tails of the pioneers of women’s surfing have turned into legitimate powerhouses in their own right, and Nike’s new girls only movie, dubbed Leave a Message, intends to showcase it.

Judging exclusively by the trailer (below), the level of surfing on display by Carissa Moore, Coco Ho, Malia Manuel, Laura Enever, Lakey Peterson, and Monyca Byrne-Wickey in Leave a Message is almost guaranteed to be a step above anything we’ve seen before. The only thing shocking about Nike 6.0’s newest video is the fact that it took a brand with as much steam behind it as Nike has to accomplish what should have been done years ago. Roxy made an earnest attempt in 2006 with Shimmer, but where Shimmer may have celebrated femininity too overtly, Leave a Message looks to emphasize performance. And as an added bonus, the cast isn’t all that hard on the eyes, either…


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