Senior Editor

The Inertia

Mark Healey is an adventurous man. He likes to do the things he likes to do, and those things generally involve being outside. He wants to surf the biggest waves, shoot the best fish, sleep under the stars, and be as self-sufficient as he can be. He’s been sailing around Fiji as of late, and he is definitely finding what he went looking for.

After a few down days caused by a stomach bug, Healey got back on the horse. The waves hadn’t been amazing in the first week, but the good thing about being one of the best surfers on the planet and one of the best spearfishermen is that when the waves are there, you can always go diving. But luckily, after navigating a handful of storms, they came across a little reef pass that happened to house a small-ish yet incredibly well-shaped wave. And of course, they were on it.


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