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The Inertia

When it comes to surf travel, there are two people who should immediately come to mind: Natxo Gonzales and Kepa Acero. Naxto, along with the brilliant filmmaker Jon Aspuru, routinely put out edits that are as beautifully shot as they are inspiring. And their most recent is a prime example of that. “It was a long time dream to find an epic wave, like my really close friend Kepa Acero,” Natxo says. “Kepa has always motivated me with his work and since I was a kid, and because of him, I’ve never stopped searching.”

The wave in the video above wasn’t just something Natxo and Jon stumbled upon–rather, it was a four-year journey that required a sharp eye for forecasts and a truckload of patience. But, as with most things that take time, it all paid off. Remember Mick’s discovery of The Snake? This is that, only better. “Four years ago, I found a place where I thought there could be one of the best waves in the world,” Natxo said. “For years I had been studying the conditions of this place; I wanted to know how swell worked there.”

When they showed up, though, they weren’t exactly sure what to expect. “I saw a really massive, long-period swell on the forecast that I thought could be perfect for this place. I called my good friend and filmer, Jon Aspuru, and we just went. What we found was a perfect right hander running along a super long sandbar with no one around, really crazy.”


As for where it is? Well, they’re not telling. And that’s good… and honestly, most people wouldn’t be able to surf this wave, anyway. Perfection is on a sliding scale, and what’s perfect for Natxo might be impossible for the everyday surfer. Still, though, ain’t it beautiful?

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