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The Inertia

Over the last several days, Maui became the veritable center of the surfing universe. Not the North Shore of Oahu. Maui.

At Honolua Bay, Stephanie Gilmore cemented her seventh world title to tie Layne Beachley’s all-time record.

And to the west, over at Pe’ahi, Billy Kemper claimed his third win in four years. The action at Jaws over the two-day ordeal was heart-stopping. Keala Kennelly took the beating of her life and was rewarded handsomely for it. Speaking of, Richard Hallman’s photo of her dropping down the face might be the most iconic image to come out of the chaos.

Meanwhile, Kelly Slater may have had the most salient summation of surf’s heaviest week in recent memory: “The last two days of surfing has been a serious overload!” he wrote on Instagram. “I’m tired just from watching…There was some serious carnage going down. If you haven’t watched it yet I hope you find a replay.”


We’ve done you the courtesy of linking to the replays, below. And it’s true, a spin through some of the insane images above might physically exhaust you.

Watch the full Jaws replay for the men, here . Find the Jaws women’s replay here. And for the full Beachwaver Maui Pro replay, go here.




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