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The Inertia

When most surfers think of Chile, they think of lefts. Long, roping, empty lefts breaking around hidden coastlines, away from the peering eyes of the wider tourist industry. And while they think that for a reason, it’s not all lefts in Chile. And Pete Devries, a man very familiar with the feeling of a thick wetsuit, found a fun little right-hand wedge in the land of lefts.

He found it while on a trip with Frenchman Ian Fontaine, another surfer very familiar with neoprene. Being that both Devries and Fontaine are from places where the water’s a little colder, seeing them in Chile makes perfect sense.

But just because Pete and Ian surf for a living doesn’t mean they’re immune to the air travel issues the rest of us have. Pete’s boards didn’t make it to Chile until the day they left. And then, of course, they were lost again on the way home. But even without his own quiver, Pete made it happen. And it’s likely a trip that will reside in Ian and Pete’s heads for a long, long time.


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