Photographer/Owner, Azhiaziam

The Inertia

Sandy was calling to me from across the continent. “I’ll see you there,” I told her. I made a few phone calls to my east side friends and booked my ticket out of California. An overnight flight with Chris Ward landed us in Ft. Lauderdale at 5 a.m. Scott Pritchett and his son Skyler met us at the airport, and we proceeded directly to Miami Beach. As the darkness became light, we fully expected a day of wind.

On pulling up to South Beach, we saw three guys out along the entire beach and perfect six-foot, a-frames detonating up and down the entire stretch, from Miami to Pump House. It didn’t stop for five days. Once I got home and started reviewing the photos, all I can say is thanks for the call Sandy. You won’t be forgotten.

View more photos from Hurricane Sandy and read accounts from Raven Lundy, Evan Geiselman, Peter Mendia, and a gallery of possibly the biggest day ever surfed in Maryland by Nick Denny.

Visit the Red Cross in order to make a donation and help those affected by Hurricane Sandy.


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