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The Inertia

Alaska is a wild place. Big mountains. Big waves. Big animals. Big fish. Big weather. Big consequences. It’s not a place to be taken lightly. As the narrator of Salty Crew’s latest film says, “when you go to Alaska, you get your ass kicked.” And while that’s true, getting your ass kicked has never looked so fun.

Matt Meola, Lucas Dirkse, and Levi Slawson decided to pit themselves against Alaska for a little different trip than they’re probably used to. Sure, fishing and surfing have always been tied to each other, but this crew has pulled that knot a little tighter. If you’re fishing in Alaska, you’re catching salmon, and lots of them.

While they likely hoped they might surf more, on trips like these it pays to be flexible. Surf they did, but it was a bit more of a fishing trip than anything else — which ain’t the worst thing in the world.


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