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The Inertia

After too many years of procrastination, I finally decided to visit California with my good friend Megan. As a Mexican, I’ve always tried to explore faraway places and very different cultures, and California used to be a very well known cliché for me. I ended up making a travelogue about my trip called the California Vision Project.

We headed north for 2000km in a rental car. We saw many beaches, and I surfed a lot of them, including Trestles. We ate the good Mexican just like home, we attended the premiere of the surf movie Compassing in Encinitas, and we ate tacos at Cyrus Sutton’s party. I ate the best burger of my life in Ocean Beach, and I learned the one hundred options on how to get a coffee in America.

And despite all the madness, the massive cars, and the overdose of patriotism, California still preserves that romantic, laid back air from its golden years. You just have to know how to search for it behind the big McDonald’s billboard. That’s what I wanted to capture in this project. I hope you felt that romantic moment too.


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