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The Inertia

Trew Gantt, age 17, lives in San Francisco, but despite growing up just a few miles from one of the most recognizable breaks in California – Ocean Beach – he’d never met a surfer. “I never met anybody that surfed in my neighborhoods,” says Trew. “I didn’t know that people in San Francisco even surfed.” After being introduced to surfing through City Surf Project’s youth program, it’s become a central part of his life. The same goes for Kenia Martinez, 18. “When I wake up in the morning, and I know I’m going to surf that day, it brings happiness to me,” she says. “It brings me peace when I’m in the water, and boosts my self confidence.”

Trew and Kenia are a part of City Surf Project’s leadership training program, where they help other Bay Area kids and teens from underserved communities get out in the water, often for the first time. Their own introduction to surfing has not only fostered a meaningful activity and connection with nature for themselves, but is building a greater sense of connection within their communities as they work to bring surfing to the next generation of youth in the Bay Area. In partnership with the Gudauskas brothers’ Positive Vibe Warrior Foundation, Fearless Perspectives tells Trew and Kenia’s stories, from their first times surfing to spreading the stoke to the next generation of Bay Area surfers.

“Organizations like City Surf Project represent how wave riding can provide transformative and positive effects on youth and communities alike, creating a new generation of leaders in the lineup. Our mission through this documentary was to shine light on the amazing work these kids are doing within their home community of San Francisco,” said Dane Gudauskas, pro surfer and co-founder of the Positive Vibe Warriors Foundation.

To learn more about City Surf Project and its mission of expanding access to surfing in the Bay Area, visit the website, and be sure to check out the work that Positive Vibe Warriors is doing across the world to support and foster emerging surf cultures and create the next generation of leaders in the lineup.


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