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Dion Agius and Joe Guglielmino make some of the finest surf films out there. They just released their latest, entitled Dark Hollow, and it might be one of the best they’ve ever made. It’s part surf film part think piece — Dark Hollow is Dion and Joe’s vision for how the world might look if we looked after it.

Dion, as you likely know, is an interesting character. He’s a surfer/filmmaker/innovative businessman with a lot on the go at any given time, but somehow he manages to not only keep everything afloat, but produce magic. Whether he’s in front of the lens or behind it — or both, for that matter — Dion will makes something beautiful. He’s also the man behind Epokhe Eyewear, Octopus Traction, and most recently, Standard Procedure sunscreen.

According to Agius, Dark Hollow takes its core inspiration from his home state of Tasmania and features the illustrations of LA artist Nathan Kostechko. It was years in the making and features surfing from Craig Anderson, Chippa Wilson, and of course Dion himself… and aspiring surf filmmakers should take notes.


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