The Glassy Zone is the world's first piece of wearable technology specifically designed for surfers.

The Glassy Zone is the world’s first piece of wearable technology specifically designed for surfers.

The Inertia

With the rise of wearable technology, products like Fitbit, FuelBand, and the Apple Watch have become increasingly popular for their ability to maximize a workout. But if you’re a surfer, these technologies essentially useless. They don’t accommodate us in the slightest. And while companies like Trace and Rip Curl have launched surf-specific technology products in the past year, no product yet exists that aims to improve the overall quality of life and health of surfers in a more general sense.

Enter Glassy Zone.

“A few years ago, I realized that there was nothing in surfing that already existed for other sports like running or cycling,” Glassy Pro founder, Mikel Alonso said. “So I decided to create Glassy.”

Beginning as an app for your smartphone, Glassy was a way for surfers to record sessions, receive swell alerts, and connect with other surfers. Basically, it allowed surfers to utilize technology to improve their skills and maximize stoke. And the latest piece of tech from the company is the Glassy Zone wearable wristband. This nifty little piece of equipment could be a huge step into the future of surfing.

As far as functionality goes, the band documents how many waves you catch in a session, how fast you’re traveling on the wave, and how far you’re paddling. And on top of the surf-specific evaluations, the Glassy Zone tracks other useful tidbits like sleep quality and UV exposure. Considering nearly 5 million Americans are treated annually for skin cancer, the Glassy Zone network could provide extremely practical data to prevent one of the worlds’ most widespread causes of cancer. Especially among surfers.

“Sunlight is a crucial element of all living things,” Alonso noted. “And as surfers, we love a sunny day at the beach. So we decided to include a UV sensor in the band so you know exactly how much sunlight you are receiving.”

The Glassy Zone also includes an accompanying smartphone app that encourages social sharing. Although, I’m not a huge fan of “socializing” the surf experience, I welcome being proved wrong. And then there’s the leaderboard, which ranking system encourages competition among users around stats like number of waves caught.

Adding numerical values to your surf sessions is definitely a unique and innovative way to look at surfing. I know I’m stoked for that. I’m also interested to improve my sleeping habits, my surfing, and my chances of reducing skin cancer. Hard to deny those things. If anything, Glassy Zone’s message alone is worth giving this technology a go – feel better; live better; and ultimately, surf better.

Glassy Zone just launched its Indiegogo campaign today. Check out more information on the product, and throw them a donation if you’d like to get one for yourself!


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