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You may see something you’ve never seen before the next time you watch Kai Lenny in giant surf. That’s actually an evergreen statement when it comes to Lenny, and it’s something you really can’t say about anybody else. He’s constantly mixing it up. He’s constantly doing things you can’t quite put your finger on when a purple blob appears on the swell maps.

His wingsurfing is a case in point and Lenny’s infatuation with them is still relatively fresh in the surf. “It was inevitable that the wing and waves would meet,” he said almost two years ago to the day. Hawaii’s had two winters since then, where Lenny’s grabbed his wing, used tow boards underfoot at times, and strapped into a hydrofoil at others. It’s fascinating enough to watch in everyday surf with Maui’s trademark winds, but when the guy brings the wing out on those massive days at Jaws it takes things to a whole new level.

Kai Lenny does it all. We know that already. And it’s really fun to watch.

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