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An artist's rendering of Perth's URBNSURF, using Wavegarden's newest technology. Image: URBNSURF

An artist’s rendering of Perth’s URBNSURF, using Wavegarden’s newest technology. Image: URBNSURF

The Inertia

A few years ago, back in 2011, Wavegarden released the first footage of their wave. The surfing world began buzzing about it and hasn’t stopped since. Looking back, it’s amazing how far the technology has come in a relatively short period of time. Just a few days ago, word filtered through our little world about Wavegarden’s newest tech: The Cove.

A little more than five years after that first footage was released, Wavegardens are pumping out waves in Wales and Texas, and have more pools slated for Africa, Australia, the US, Europe, and the Middle East. Kelly Slater’s pool, of course, cannot go unmentioned–there are undoubtedly big plans for it in the competitive surfing world. Like it or not, wave pools are here to stay, and they’re going to be a part of surfing’s future. I surfed the NLand pool and have mixed feelings (which will be on display here in the near future).

The Cove, Wavegarden’s new system, is currently only a full-size prototype, but already has contracts for three parks in Australia under the URBNSURF name, with another one in the works in California. So here’s what it can do, if initial reports are to be believed: 1000 waves per hour, each up to 6.9 feet and lasting 18 seconds. That’s just over 16 waves every minute. Also–and this is something we’ve heard before–it barrels perfectly.

As you probably remember, Wavegarden’s first prototype was built in San Sebastian, Spain. The Cove is built right beside it, and after the WSL’s Europe leg, John John Florence, Josh Kerr, Julian Wilson, Ryan Callinan, Filipe Toledo, Matt Wilkinson, Alejo Muniz, Ace Buchan, and a few others were handed non-disclosure agreements and the keys to the pool. Due to the NDAs, there isn’t much information about it, but all the details will be released next month when The Cove is unleashed.


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