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Chairlift fight at Park City Mountain Resort

The fight was filmed by someone on a chair behind the two involved in the altercation, and the footage quickly went viral. Photo: Screenshot/TikTok

The Inertia

Just before 2022 kicked over into the new year, things got a little out of hand on a chairlift at Utah’s Park City Mountain Resort. A pair of snowboarders got into an argument while on the lift, which led to a physical altercation.

According to the police log from December 26, “A 52-year-old Florida man allegedly elbowed a 39-year-old Florida man directly in the face while on the lift. The 39-year-old claimed he repeatedly punched the other man in the face until he stopped acting aggressively.”

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The chairlift fight was caught on camera by someone a few chairs behind them. The 52-year-old denied elbowing the 39-year-old as well as saying that he wanted to fight him. The incident happened on the Saddleback Express on the Canyon’s side of the mountain. After it was posted to TikTok, it quickly went viral. Kaelyn Faria, who posted the initial video, also posted a follow up that shows what happened afterward.


When the pair made it to the top of the lift, ski patrollers and lift operators decided to escort both men off the mountain. Since the accounts differed, the County Attorney’s Office was notified.

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Now, the younger of the pair is facing criminal charges. The man, who reportedly hails from Lutz, Florida, was charged Wednesday in Summit County Justice Court with assault, a class B misdemeanor, and disorderly conduct, a class C misdemeanor. An arraignment is scheduled in court for Feb. 27.


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