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The Inertia

For a few years, before the Woolsey Fire came along, I lived just up the road from Laird Hamilton. A few times a week on my way down the hill, there would be a string of Teslas and Range Rovers and other expensive vehicles parked outside his gates. I assume they a bunch of wealthy Malibu folks who were there to pay through the nose to have their asses kicked by Laird’s infamous workouts. I think I was probably right, but who knows. I could never afford to pay and find out. A little while ago, our team captain went to try it out, so I suppose I could just ask him.

Recently, Will Smith headed up to Laird’s place to give it a shot. It’s part of a show he has created on Facebook called Will Smith’s Bucket List, where, as you have probably gathered, he does things he’s always wanted to do while we watch from our couches and eat pork rinds. In this episode, the Fresh Prince wants to run a half-marathon in Cuba, which is what led him to Laird’s ice bath/sauna torture chamber, where, oddly, Sal Masekela also was. The best part of the whole thing is probably the Instagram clip that came out of it:

There’s some other stuff in there, too, most of which looks difficult. Then he goes to Cuba and wears a cool hat in an even cooler car for a bit. Then (spoiler alert) he runs a half-marathon.


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