• Dave Aabo

    Co-Founder/Executive Director at WAVES for Development

    Dave was born in upstate NY where he rode horses and snowboards for fun. His zeal for adventure led him to Colorado State University for an undergraduate Business degree, then on t... Read more

  • Randy Abbott

    Founder/Director, The View From 42

    Randy Abbott is the Founder and Director of The View From 42.... Read more

  • Erik Abel


    From a young age, Erik Abel knew what he wanted to do when he grew up: surf and create art. An avid artist by the age of one and a half, and captivated by his first wave at 11, the... Read more

  • Ayoub Abouizza

    Photographer/Surf Guide

    Ayoub Abouizza is a 22-year-old Moroccan photographer. He started shooting in local Moroccan surf spots, especially in the south – that's where all the surf culture is. Along wit... Read more

  • Jessica Abraham


    Jess Abraham is a 19 year old conservationist from the beautiful Queensland coastline of Australia. She has been heavily involved with ocean conservation efforts the last three yea... Read more

  • Ryan Abribat


    Ryan was born in Bergen County New Jersey, 20 minutes outside of New York City. He spent his summers in high school on Long Beach Island, New Jersey, working at a surf shop, catch... Read more

  • Brian Adamkiewicz


    Born and raised in Long Beach, NY., Brian Adamkiewicz got into cinematography through shooting skateboarding on the grimy streets of New York City, but growing up in a beach town c... Read more

  • Matt Aden


    Originally from Colorado, Matt Aden moved to San Diego in 2006. Not knowing what he was getting himself into, Matt was immediately enamored with the sights, sounds and smells that ... Read more

  • Jenna Adesso


    Jenna Addesso, a seasoned photographer and artist, was introduced to her first camera by her grandfather "Pop" nearly 25 years ago. Up until his mid nineties, Pop always had a came... Read more

  • Mutia Adisoma

    Correspondent, Forbes Travel Guide/ PR & Communications Manager, Indosole.

    Mutia Adisoma is a correspondent who lives in Bali and covers the island for Forbes Travel Guide. She is constantly on the lookout for what's new - from hotel openings to visiting ... Read more

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