• Andrea Siedsma


    For more than two decades, Andrea has lived by the adage that content is “queen” – from traditional journalism to PR to the evolving and fascinating world of social media. Th... Read more

  • Avery Sieg

    I am a twenty one year old writer and surfer residing in San Diego California. I am working on my first book chronicling a seven month period when I lived in my van and traveled a... Read more

  • Corey Siemens


    I have studied literature, developed a career in construction, written and surfed the whole way through. I am a father, husband and friend. With varying success, I work hard to ach... Read more

  • Drew Sievers


    Drew Sievers is an entrepreneur and surfer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He runs mFoundry, reads a lot and surfs Ocean Beach about 4 times a week with a group of surfing in... Read more

  • Joe Sigurdson

    Co-Founder, Boys to Men

    Joe Sigurdson is the cofounder of Boys to Men Mentoring Network. Joe was a teenage father. He and his wife of thirty-seven years Nancy have two chil... Read more

  • Sarah Sikich

    Vice President, Heal the Bay

    Sarah Sikich is the Vice President of Heal the Bay, where she works to improve the health of watersheds and the ocean throughout Southern C... Read more

  • Robert Siliato


    I am a photographer and a surfer. I have been surfing for over 10 years but prior to that I was a bodyboarder. I've never lived further than 2 miles from that beach as I honestly f... Read more

  • Tassio Silva


    Tassio Silva is a photographer and surfer. Living in Hawaii, he is fortunate enough to be able to shoot some of the best surfers in some of the biggest and best waves in the world.... Read more

  • Ingrid Silva

    World traveler and full time van dweller

    ... Read more

  • Ryan Simalchik


    Ryan Simalchik grew up along the Jersey coastline mostly in the town of Ocean City. He has been surfing ever since he was 9 years old. A few years ago, his buddy let him borrow his... Read more