• Corey Chin

    Envirosurfer Team /Surfer

    Corey Chin grew up in San Diego, surfing 15th st. After studying Environmental Studies in San Francisco, he now works for Envirosurfer, an online Read more

  • Shayla Chippendale


    Shayla Chippendale was born and raised in Southern California around the surfing world. She has only had a camera in her hands for a couple of years, but she fell in love with surf... Read more

  • Carly Chivers

    “Each breath is a gift and each new day is a fresh opportunity to create the life that you want. Live with joy, express your love, smile from your soul!“ The path of self in... Read more

  • Jerome Chobeaux


    I 'm 35 years old, and I'm from Paris. For the last 15 years, I've lived in the south west of France, in a small town near Hossegor called Moliets et Maa. I am surrounded by lakes,... Read more

  • Che Chorley


    Che Chorley is an award winning, nationally and internationally published photographer with a passion and affinity for the ocean. Che is blessed to be in a position in which he can... Read more

  • Othmane Choufani

    Big-Wave Surfer

    Othmane Choufani is a 22-year-old big wave surfer from Morocco who dedicates his life to chasing big swells around the world.... Read more

  • Yvon Chouinard

    Founder/Owner, Patagonia

    Yvon Chouinard is a surfer, kayaker, falconer, climber, fly fisher and blacksmith. He owns the company Patagonia and is the author of Let My People Go Surfing: The Education of... Read more

  • Pascal Christen

    Surfer/ Traveler /Photographer / Writer

    Pascal is a Swiss Surfer. Now he's "Living the life, founded by dreams" and thinks the best things in live should be for free. Because he wanted to share some of his experiences fr... Read more

  • Steven Christensen

    Freelance Photographer

    Steve Christensen is a freelance photographer who lives in Venice Beach, California. With an eye for design and a love of surf culture Steve embraces the California lifestyle with ... Read more

  • Chris Christenson


    Chris Christenson enjoys surfing all styles of boards, backcountry snowboarding, vintage motorcycles and cars, fishing, golf, and seeing live music. He is proud to have worked for ... Read more