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Wing Foil gear at AWSI Expo Hood River OR

Choosing the right gear is essential. We got to test the latest wing foil gear at the AWSI Expo in Hood River, Oregon, and that testing directly informs our reviews. Photo: Will Sileo//The Inertia

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Wing foiling is taking over your local windsports beach, and if you haven’t tried it, now is a great time to start. This new board sport relies on a super-efficient hydrofoil in the water and a user-friendly hand-held wing to pull power from the wind. Whether you are simply foil-curious and looking for a new set of tricks to learn, a frustrated surfer wanting more time on the water when the surf is blown out, or a long-time windsurfer or kiter looking for the same thrills in a lower-impact format, wing foiling is the answer. 

To wing foil, you need three main pieces of gear: a board, a foil, and a wing. All come in various sizes and design specialties, which can make choosing gear a stressful research project. Many shops offer package deals to make the decision process easier, and to ensure that the gear will work together, which can ease a buyer’s anxiety. We spoke to experts to get their recommendations on how to choose a package for a rider’s size, skill level, and budget. There are some good deals to be had in wing foiling gear, especially compared to a few years ago, so let’s get to it. 

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The Best Wing Foil Packages of 2024

Best Beginner Wing Foil Packages

Progressive Performance Wing Foil Package 

Winger’s Choice Performance Wing Foil Package 

Armstrong Starter S1 Wing Foil Package 

Armstrong Premium Carbon CF Wing Foil Package

Best Beginner on a Budget Packages

Learn 2 Ride Wing Foil Package 

REAL Complete Wing Foil Package 

Best Intermediate Wing Foil Packages

Armstrong Premium Carbon CF Wing Foil Package 

2024 Duotone Complete Wing Foil Package 

2024 Cabrinha 04 Complete Wing Foil Package 

Best Light Wind Wing Foil Packages

Lightwind Sonar Wing Foil Package 

F-One “That’s My Jam” Downwind & Light Wind Package 

Best Beginner Wing Foil Packages

Beginner wing foil packages should include a big board that is easy to balance on, and a wing with low end power because beginners spend a lot of time at a slower speed learning to get up on the foil. Beginner foils are usually quite large and are designed to maximize ease of foiling and stability. Big beginner boards and foils are an essential step in progressing because learning to balance on the foil and maintain altitude is one of the most challenging skills. If you cannot get up on foil, you are likely to be frustrated, because that’s where the fun starts. 

Progressive Performance Wing Foil Package (~$1,999)

Progressive Performance Wing Foil Package

Pros: Solid combination of Cabrinha and Naish for a very good price

Cons: Not the latest designs

When it comes to bang-for-buck value, this package delivers. We like the Cabrinha Mantis wing for its structural rigidity and stiff handles, design trends also found in newer wing models. The wing comes with a wrist leash and uses standard pump connections. The windowless canopy maximizes durability, which is great for beginners, but you will need to get in the habit of lifting the wing to look for traffic below you (a good habit to develop, windows or not). The Cabrinha Code board comes in a wide range of sizes (from 78 to 118L) with a nice-looking bamboo deck, and is a great beginner board with a wide outline and fairly flat bottom. 

The Naish Jet HA foil is offered in five different sizes in this package, and you also have the choice of a carbon or aluminum mast. The Naish foil line has options that allow you to upgrade as you progress in skill rather than needing to shop for a new foil kit. Pay attention to the different foil shapes offered here – High Aspect (HA) or Medium Aspect (MA) – as well as the foil sizes to make sure you’re getting the right equipment for your weight and skill level, and don’t hesitate to consult the shop pros!

Check Price on Mackite

Winger’s Choice Performance Wing Foil Package (~$2,300)

Wingers Choice Wing Foil Package

Pros: High-tech wing materials, wide range of board sizes, closeout pricing

Cons: Older wing designs, limited foil options

The Airush Freewing Nitro wing included in this package uses Ho’okipa fabric in the leading edge and strut, a pricier upgrade from the usual Dacron that allows high inflation pressure and yields a stiff framework. The soft handles were the standard a couple of years ago, and are often easier for beginners as they are easier to pack down and won’t ding your board (or you) in a crash, but there is no doubt the industry as a whole is moving in the direction of hard handles.

The KT Drifter board comes in seven sizes, so you should be able to find your perfect fit, and features a lightweight and durable carbon construction. It was also a top pick in our Best Wing Foil Boards of 2024 review as an awesome all-rounder foil board that won’t hold you back as you progress. The North Sonar MA foil set is offered in only two large-ish sizes in this package (1850 or 2100 sq cm) with an aluminum mast. These choices are great for beginners and minimize decision-making anxiety, while the brand offers many other foil options that are compatible with the mast and fuselage that’s a part of this package to consider as your skills improve and you transition to intermediate gear.

Check Price on Mackite

Armstrong Starter S1 Wing Foil Package (~$2,900)

Armstrong Starter S1 Wing Foil Package

Pros: Armstrong’s new aluminum mast and fuselage reduces cost while working with the full Armstrong foil range for your gear evolution, complete Armstrong setup

Cons: Older wing design with soft handles, Armstrong mast placement is more forward than other brands so works best with Armstrong boards

This package has a state-of-the art beginner foil recently released by Armstrong, and is combined with an Armstrong board and wing to guarantee compatibility. The new aluminum mast and fuselage of the Alloy foil system in this package dramatically reduces cost compared to the all carbon and titanium A+ system, while retaining touches like titanium hardware to minimize corrosion risk. Armstrong front wings and tails work with either the carbon or aluminum systems as you upgrade.

According to Matt at REAL Watersports, they’ve seen “dramatic learning improvements from our lesson center with this foil system… It’s a foil that you won’t grow out of for like a few years, until you’re ripping.”

The Armstrong A Wing V2 is an older design with soft handles, which are gentle on boards and riders, but are largely being replaced with rigid handles in newer designs such as the Armstrong XPS (see below). The V2 A-Wing is an easy-to-use and stable wing with good low-end power which is exactly what beginning foilers need, and the four available wing sizes cover all but the most extreme wind speeds.

If you are interested in a more premium Armstrong package with their latest models, check out the Armstrong Premium Carbon CF Wing Foil Package in our intermediate picks below, but choose a beginner-sized board, foil, and wing. Selecting options like the 120L Wing FG board, CF2050 V2 foil with carbon mast and titanium fuselage, and 5.3 XPS wing gives a no-compromises beginner package for around $5000. Matt says the CF2050 V2 foil “has a lot less drag than any of the other big foils out there, so you can ride it to a higher level.”

Check Price on REAL Watersports

Best Beginner on a Budget Packages

There’s no denying it – wing foiling is expensive. These packages take advantage of closeout deals to keep costs low, and may change as components sell out. If your budget is tight, be sure to read our buyer’s guide below to make sure you don’t make a frustrating mistake if you shop other deals or the used market.

According to Tucker at Mackite: “I would say this year 2024 is a great time to buy gear with regard to resale, because you’re buying on close out. Right now, where the market is, it’s so cheap to buy close-out gear that it’s almost like used prices already.”

Learn 2 Ride Wing Foil Package (~$1,800)

Learn to Ride Wing Foil Package

Pros: Good board selection options, wide variety of foils and wing sizes

Cons: Older designs, especially the wing

There is a lot of value in this beginner package, with steep discounts on gear from a year or two ago. The Naish board and foil come in a variety of sizes, are solid starting points for new wingers, and were designed to work together.

The wing comes in a very wide range of sizes to suit your weight and prevailing wind strength. A slightly older design with soft handles, it should provide the low-end power to get you on foil without breaking the bank. The Naish Jet foil is the same as what is offered in the Progressive Performance package, above, and is a great starting point with the ability to swap foil wings as you progress. 

Check Price on Mackite

REAL Complete Wing Foil Package (~$2,000)

REAL Complete Wing Foil Package

Pros: Nice North board and foil, great price

Cons: Options limited to one size board and foil 

Similar to the package above, this package combines a foil and board from a single manufacturer (North in this deal) for maximum compatibility between the components. The board and foil sizes are limited to one option for this package, but are good beginner choices, and the North Sonar foil line offers options for upgrading when you have achieved the next level of foiling skills.

The Slingshot Slingwing V3 is sold with both hard and soft handles – this package includes the soft handle model. The design is a generation old but a good value, and has solid construction with low-end drive to pull you up onto the foil with ease. Sizes from 2.5 to 7.5 square meters ensure that you can find the wing you need for the wind speeds at your local beach.

Check Price on REAL Watersports

Best Intermediate Rider Packages

Did you buy a beginner package that is not upgradable, or did you learn on used gear that is now worn out? If so, you might be in the market for an intermediate level wing foiling package.

An intermediate rider will be looking for a smaller, lighter board, and a foil setup that offers more speed, glide, and maneuverability than their beginner setup. All of the experts we chatted with warned against skipping the beginner gear step, even if you have other boardsport experience, but once you’ve got the skills to get foiling and jibing you might want to try one of these packages. 

All of these deals combine a board, foil, and wing from the same brand, and offer the latest 2024 designs. Some of the options are overwhelming, and we highly recommend a call or message to the shop if you need help narrowing down your options.

Armstrong Premium Carbon CF Wing Foil Package (~$4600)

Armstrong Premium CF Wing Foil Package

Pros: Top tier brand, latest wing, carbon/titanium foil package 

Cons: Limited foil options for intermediate riders

It may be twice the price of more “beginner-oriented” packages in this lineup, but the Armstrong Premium Wing Foil Package is one you won’t outgrow anytime soon. The ultra-upgradeable Armstrong foil system with a carbon mast and titanium hardware, the carbon sandwich board, and the latest XPS wing design from Armstrong will keep the devoted Armstrong fan happy all season.

The 100% carbon and titanium foil construction is an example of Armstrong’s detail-oriented design, and won’t corrode together like aluminum parts can if not properly maintained. This package deal only gives two choices in front wing sizes but there is a huge range of compatible front wings available from Armstrong as the rider’s skills develop. 

The board features carbon fiber foil tracks and carbon PVC sandwich skins. The A-wing XPS wing uses a rigid carbon handle for solid control, with a soft padded handle cover in case you bonk your noggin or board, and is the latest wing from Armstrong.

Selecting a board with a volume near the rider’s weight (in kg), and the smaller foil option will result in a lively package for an intermediate rider, with room to grow even further. 

Check Price on REAL Watersports

2024 Duotone Complete Wing Foil Package (~$5000)

Duotone Complete Wing Foil Package

Pros: Huge range of options, latest gear

Cons: Almost too many options, ask the pros at the shop to confirm your choices

This package lets you choose from almost the entire Duotone range, including boards that rated highly in our Best Wing Foil Boards of 2024 review. As an intermediate rider, skip the beginner board (Sky Start) and choose from two board models, the Sky Free or Sky Style, each in many sizes and two construction options.

Decide between three wing models, in every size, standard or D-Lab construction, and also whether you prefer rigid handles (Unit and Ventis) or a boom (Slick). The package also includes a Duotone foil from the brand’s huge range of designs and sizes with both aluminum and carbon mast options.

Unless you are confident in your experience or have a friend with similar equipment, it is a good idea to run your choices by the shop to make sure that you get exactly the gear best suited for your skills and conditions.

Check Price on Mackite

2024 Cabrinha 04 Complete Wing Foil Package (~$4,000-5,000)

Cabrinha 04 Wing Foil Package

Pros: Latest Cabrinha gear at an excellent package price

Cons: Might need to talk to the shop to narrow your options

Cabrinha is a solid brand with excellent prices, and this package reflects these qualities. You get the latest 2024 models of wing, board, and foil, and can choose from essentially the entire Cabrinha lineup. 

Both the 04 Mantis and Vision wings (the latest in Cabrinha’s lineup) have been well-received, and the board choices include the light-wind oriented Swift as well as more traditional wing foil board designs. The foil comes in a wide variety of sizes and designs, with either an aluminum or carbon mast. We were able to put a package together with a Code 86L board, a 5 sq meter Mantis wing, and a foil with carbon mast for well under $5000 which is a very nice price for an intermediate wing foiling package.

Like the other packages above, you can save yourself some research time if you message the shop to help optimize your options around your skills and sailing conditions.

Check Price on Mackite
Light Wind Wing Foiling San Francisco Bay

A solid light-wind setup can have you up on foil in sub-10kt breezes. Photo: Elliot Behling//The Inertia

Best Light Wind Packages

There has been a lot of recent development in boards, foils, and wings to optimize them for light wind. Light wind wing foil designs overlap with downwind foiling board and foil designs because both light wind and downwind riding require the ability to get up on foil at low speeds. Downwind foilers use a SUP paddle instead of a wing to get up on foil and surf swells downwind. These boards tend to be long and narrow, the foils have large areas and high aspect ratios, and of course light wind wing foiling requires a big wing to capture the breeze.

Our experts tell us that wing foiling in less than 15 knots of breeze is difficult for beginners, requiring wing and foil pumping skills that take practice to learn, especially with a big wing that wants to drag in the water due to the large wingspan. Downwind/lightwind boards will be tippy due to their narrow width even if the volume is similar to a beginner board. Beginners will make the best progress if they can get a number of sessions on beginner gear, in a solid breeze of more than 15 knots, and ideally flat water to make balance easier.

But, if you have learned some wing foiling skills and want to be able to wing in the lightest breeze, or paddle downwind riding the swells, these packages offer setups designed to extract every bit of performance.

Lightwind Sonar Wing Foil Package (~$5000)

Sonar Wing Foil Package

Pros: Big wing and board specially designed for light wind winging

Cons: North MA foil is less performance oriented

This package offers a complete board/wing/foil package for light wind. The North Sonar foil package includes a carbon mast for light-weight and pumpability, but the MA foil choices are not specifically light/downwind shapes like the F-One JAM below.

The Armstrong Downwind Foilboard is a sleek shape that comes in five sizes depending on your weight and whether you will be predominantly paddling or winging. 

The North Loft Pro wing is a special design for light wind, and with the choice of 7 or 8 square meters, should give you the most power on those light days.

Check Price on REAL Watersports

F-One “That’s My Jam” Downwind & Light Wind Package ($4,127+)

F-One Thats My Jam Wing Foil Package

Pros: Huge, high-aspect foil to maximize glide

Cons: No wing included

This package does not include a wing, allowing you to use your existing wings or a paddle if downwinding. The centerpiece is the F-One JAM 1900 foil, with a huge 1.4 meter span and 1900 square cm area giving an aspect ratio of more than 10. This foil is designed for ultra-efficient low speed and pumping flight. You can choose between an aluminum or carbon mast to suit your budget.

Paired with the F-One Rocket Bamboo SUP Downwind board, you will be able to get up on foil in very light winds or paddle up easily in swell if downwinding. The board comes in four sizes, and includes a board bag to protect it from dings in your car or garage.

Check Price on Mackite
Wing Foiling in Banff

A wing, board, and foil is all you really need to get out there and have fun. Photo: Dillon Behling//The Inertia

Best Wing Foil Packages Buyer’s Guide

Choosing Your Wing/Board/Foil Sizes

The first step if you’re getting ready to buy a wing foil setup is to roughly decide on the size of wing, board, and foil that you need for your skill level. All the components depend on the rider’s size, with lighter sailors needing smaller wings, foils, and boards. Along with weight, wings are sized according to the wind you expect to be riding in, while your skill level also influences the size of boards and foils.

For beginners, follow the rules in our guide to the best beginner foil gear, or use the rough guide of foil area (in square cm) equal to your weight in pounds with an extra zero at the end, board volume (in liters) that matches your weight in kilograms plus about 20-40, and a wing a little larger than the average wing size in your area, probably in the 5-6 square meter range.

Once you know these measurements, you can start browsing the package deals in this article, and rule out any that do not offer the sizes you need. Keep an open mind if sizes seem like they may be close enough, and don’t hesitate to ask the shop what they recommend. Be cautious about going too small in any of the gear though, that can lead to a frustrating setup and really hamper your skill development.

Other Gear You Might Need

While technically a wing, foil board, and foil are all you need to get started in wing foiling, a few other odds and ends that range from “essential” to “nice to have” can certainly improve the experience. We dive into these products in a bit more detail in our Beginner Wing Foiling Guide, but the three more “essential” accessories are a helmet, a PFD/impact vest, and a leash for your board (you may need a wing leash too, depending on if your wing comes with one or not). And if you’re learning to wing foil in less-than-tropical waters, a wetsuit or springsuit will be essential.

Wing Foiling under the golden gate bridge

The Armstrong A Wing V2 is a solid choice for beginner and intermediate riders alike. Photo: Skyler Fitzmaurice//The Inertia

What to Know About Closeout Gear

Due to supply-chain shortages in the past few years, manufacturers have recently ramped up production to fill demand, and that has caused a lot of supply in recent months. Current deals reflect this situation with many closeout prices. When shopping closeout deals, look for gear that is more recent, and has ample replacement parts. For foil systems, look for a variety of wing, tail, and mast options so you can upgrade individual parts as your skills progress, rather than buying a complete new set at every stage of development. 

It is good to do enough research to have an idea of the dimensions of the latest board designs – not just the volume, but the length and width as well, so you can judge a bargain’s design fairly. Look for reviews on YouTube and other sources like The Inertia – the older gear reviews are usually still around if you can nail the right search terms.

Wing Foil Packages

A large wing and board will help you get up on foil with ease. Photo: Mike Holden//The Inertia

What About Used Gear?

Used gear is a traditional way to get into a sport, especially for beginner gear that you might outgrow as your skills progress. Good deals are out there, and it could be worth looking for a local Facebook group or on Craigslist to see what your options are. 

A few words of caution were given by our experts, mostly because wing foiling is such a new sport that the gear has evolved very quickly in the last few years. Gear that is more than three or four years old can be very different from current designs – it was almost a different era. Spare parts (particularly replacement wing bladders to fix leaks) might be difficult to come by in gear just a few years old. Board construction has improved as weak points were identified in earlier models, especially around the highly-loaded foil boxes. A complete foil includes the front foil wing, fuselage, mast, and tail, and better gear choices will allow you to upgrade your foil in pieces without replacing everything.

Both foils and boards are pieces of gear that can be purchased used without too much stress, so long as they are in good condition. Boards should be free of dings and cracks (or have those imperfections repaired) and while a couple of scratches here and there on the foil won’t hinder your performance, be sure that the foil is free of any deeper gouges, and the entire foil setup (foil plane and mast) connects securely to itself (and your board) without any wobbles. 

Good wings can be a bit more difficult to purchase on the used market, especially older models, which used less-advanced materials for the canopy that can stretch and deform from use. This means a used wing that looks fine might have lost a lot of power and stability, which is important for a beginner. If you do purchase a used wing, try to aim for a newer model (produced in the past year or so) or one that has not seen much use. Getting advice from a knowledgeable friend or social media group can be helpful when deciding whether to buy used gear. 

Good luck with your shopping, and we’ll see you on the water! 

Editor’s Note: For deep-dive reviews of foil gear, here’s our guides to The Best Wings for Wing Foiling, and The Best Wing Foil Boards. If you’re just starting out, head over to our Beginner Wing Foil Guide for more helpful tips. And stay tuned for our Best Foils review later this summer. For more gear reviews and features on The Inertia, click here.

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