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Did you know that Jack Johnson made the finals of the Pipe Masters Trials in 1992? It’s true, he did! Did you also know that he’s still better at surfing than 99.9 percent of the surfing population? It’s true, he is! But wait, there’s more. That honey-voiced string-plucker who is the background music for every campfire on earth also has a list of demands for the venues that host his concerts.  Carbon offsets! Energy efficient light bulbs! A recycling policy to die for! Bicycle valets!

Jack got on the phone with Kyle Meredith to talk about his latest album, All The Light Above It Too.  Since no one can escape the political turmoil we find ourselves embroiled in every single day, Johnson and Meredith got to talking about the current administration. Johnson, who’s been an environmental activist for a long time had a lot to say about everything from climate change to plastic pollution. Political commentary isn’t anything new for him, either, but now it’s just a little more obvious because… well, because nearly everything seems political now.

“There’s always been political commentary on the records,” he said. All the different records have had political or social commentary, but this time around it was interesting because it was one of the catchier songs. With the administration taking office there was a lot of attention on the fact that I had this song that was referencing “I don’t care for your paranoid us-against-them fearful kind of walls.”


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