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Rob Machado. Can't give up surfing. Not possible. Photo:

Wow. That’s a hard choice, but I would have to go with surfing, and I’ll tell you why. To me, surfing is forever evolving. It’s endless possibilities. For as long as we’re going to be alive, there will be a new swell coming somewhere: different tides and winds. It’s a never-ending search for those days. Those magical days that make it all worthwhile.

Whereas music – there are a lot of similarities with surfing. Music is kind of open-ended, and there are a lot of endless possibilities. I only play guitar so I’m kind of limited with just a guitar in my hand. If I played more instruments, I think my possibilities would open up more.  For me, with all the oceans and coastlines and beaches and waves around the world, there are probably more possibilities for enjoyment in the ocean.

I also feel like my relationship with music is super immature. It’s so brand new.

If someone told me I had to quit surfing and music was going to be my avenue then I’m sure I would discover a lot more ways to growth with it and opportunities, whereas right now I’m so distracted by surfing. My relationship with surfing is so mature, and when you’ve been doing something for 30 years, you start to figure a few things out. You’re kind of dialed in. You’re pretty knowledgeable about a lot of things – all aspects as far as waves, where to be, what to ride, and just even my relationship with actually standing on a surfboard, it feels like it gets better and better every day.

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