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The Inertia

Making a film is a tough thing to do. Especially tough when one is relying on Mother Nature to produce something like waves, snow, or a certain light. Even harder still when the film takes place in the Westfjords of Iceland, a place with wild weather, wild waves, wild mountains, and a wild coastline. But when it’s done right… well, it’s a film that needs to be watched. Such is the case with Arc’teryx’s new film, Creation Theory.

The concept behind the film is a big one. In broad strokes, Creation Theory is about where the sources behind creative expression comes from. It marries surfing, snowboarding, and music, three creative endeavors done on three different mediums.

Ben Sturgulewski and Ben Moon, the minds behind the filmwanted to put surfer Pete Devries, snowboarders Elena Hight and Robin Van Gyn, and musician Griff Washburn of the band Goth Babe into a raw, powerful place to delve into what sparks creation. They wanted to trace that path to their ultimate human creative expression: surfer on wave, snowboarder on a peak, and musician on stage.

“I got interested in how the most macro levels seem to parallel the most human, micro level moments of creating a song or looking at a wave or a mountain and seeing a line,” Sturgulewski said. “Those are forms of creation to themselves. And at the same time, Justin Sweeny at Arc’teryx had the idea of making a film about the connections between surfing, snowboarding and music.”

Tune in to on November 30 for more info on how to watch the full film.


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