The Inertia

Early this morning in Nazaré, Portugal, a group of big wave surfers tamed some truly giant waves. The crew included Carlos Burle, Pedro Scooby, Felipe “Gordo” Cesariano, Hugo Vao, Maya Gabeira, Rodrigo Koxa, Sylvio Mancuso, Eric Rebiere, Andrew Cotton and Garrett McNamara.

Brazilian Carlos Burle may have set the new world record for biggest tow-in wave ever surfed. No measurement has been taken but from where I stood, it looked to be the biggest ever. He surfed it until the very end and, had the ski not come when it did, he might have been slammed into the rocks. It was that close. It was clear that given the situation, it was today or never and he went for it. Lucky for him, his tow partner was right there when he needed a ride.

Maya Gabeira was getting towed into the monstrous waves as well though she suffered a broken shin and ended up in the hospital after roughly 70 feet of ocean landed on her. Well wishes and a speedy recovery to Maya.

Check out amazing photos by Rui Boino from Portugal’s giant swell.


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