Opinion: The Definitive Rankings of Post-Surf Meals

Meals are important in celebrating the surf. Photo: Unsplash

The Inertia

A solid meal is an essential part of a balanced, post-surf routine. It can be as simple as a Poptart for the groms out there or leftovers for the more domesticated among us. But a truly epic after-surf snack can be the difference between remembering that one wave you blew, or riding the stoke of a single turn for the rest of the day. 

We all have our go-tos and our favorite meals for capping an epic sesh. Much like any local break, the post-session meal is debatable and highly region dependent. But like any other preference, let’s see how your choice stacks up against some all-time classics.

5. An Açai Bowl

Surfers’ infatuation for açai bowls has been well documented. The açai has a solid case for being a top post-surf meal. They’re loaded with all the healthy stuff your body craves after a long bout of exercise. Plus, these bowls are vegetarian for all the health conscious surfers out there. But, the love for the blended purple berry, oats, and fruits has become a meme at this point. If you’re looking for something that may not satisfy your food cravings, this might be the choice for you.

4. A Greasy Burger

Somewhere next to any surf spot is a joint that specializes in straight grub. These places make no pretense at being healthy or fancy. But it’s cheap and accessible. Their burgers are packed with flavor and do wonders for clearing any lingering salt taste. Plus, they’re like a shot to the arm in terms of rejuvenating energy. Refill on all the calories you burned with flavor and feel satisfied after any session. So, here’s to any local burger joint you might frequent. We salute you. 

3. A Poke Bowl

If you’re a surfer in Hawaii, you’re already familiar with this staple. If you’re a surfer anywhere else, you’ve probably seen poke spots pop up everywhere around you. Besides the fact that poke is delicious, there’s something to be said for keeping the connection with the ocean going after you leave the lineup. If you can consistently get poke after a session, good on you. But for the rest of us mere mortals, a steady diet of poke is beyond our reach which bumps it down a few notches on our list.  

Mmmm…..Good. Photo: Jeff Logan//Unsplash

2. A Fatty Burrito

Sometimes you just need to refuel after a long session. Enter the burrito. It’s filling and easy to eat on the go. So, you can surf as long as possible and still make it to whatever commitment you’re running late to. But, the best part about fatty burritos is that they are adaptable and suited for any time or mood. Dawn patrol? There’s a breakfast burrito, hopefully with some machaca or chorizo out there for you. Afternoon sesh? Maybe a solid California burrito with some fries and gauc. Five o’clock glass off? You can reach for a nice asada burrito. Whatever your preference, any burrito with some salsa on the side is a solid choice after any surf.  

Winner, winner, fish-taco dinner. Photo: Amie Watson//Unsplash

1. Crispy Fish Tacos

There’s something undeniably delicious and satisfying about the fish taco. Widely available almost anywhere there’s surf, the fish taco keeps the connection with the ocean going after our last wave was caught. But, unlike poke it doesn’t burn a hole in our wallet nearly as quick. The crunch and the flavor seem to bring life back and clear out any lingering discomfort from a surf. Any fish taco is best enjoyed with some lime and maybe a cerveza. Bonus if you caught the fish yourself. Overall, it’s the perfect dish after spending time in the ocean. 


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