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  Mark Zuckerberg surfing

Ever seen the movie “White Chicks”? This looks like that.

The Inertia

Mark Zuckerberg is not exactly a person you’d call “well-liked.” Between Facebook boycotts and accusations of being a cyborg, an alien, or a cyborg-alien, ol’ Zuck cops his fair share of flak. Like anyone with billions of dollars should do (don’t do it, billionaires!), Mark Zuckerberg has a palatial estate on Kauai. Actually, come to think of it, that got him in some hot water, too. Now, Kauai is a sunny place and skin cancer ain’t no joke, but we’re going to have to address Mark Zuckerberg’s sunscreen application. He is wearing a lot of sunscreen. A LOT.

As the internet is wont to do, it collectively laughed and pointed fingers at the Facebook founder. The photo was taken off the coast of Kauai and Zuckerberg (surprisingly ample junk in that trunk, may I add) was riding an electric surfboard. And while I do not think that the whole internet-shaming thing is a good thing (well, sometimes it can be), there’s a certain sense of irony that Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of the place where people go viral when they get caught on film doing something stupid, is going viral for looking like a surfing mime.

Here are a few examples of what people are saying, courtesy of Twitter:


And if you, too, would like to protect your epidermis from the burning ball in the sky like the king of the world, check out this list we made of reef-safe sunscreens here.


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