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This was an exceptional year. We did a lot of stuff. And a lot of stuff happened as the earth traveled around the sun. Over the course of the last 365 days, we produced and released 82 separate film and video projects. Which is kind of hard to believe.

And they ran the gamut. From producing a country Western surf flick with Leah Dawson at the Wavegarden to profiling a Harvard-educated Philosophy Professor who rips to riding powder with Gerry Lopez at Mt. Bachelor, 2017 brought us so many enriching experiences with amazing characters that it’s a treat to take stock of it all.

The playlist we curated above includes seventeen of our favorites. If you’ve got an hour, we think you’ll enjoy these journeys. We’re looking forward to many more in 2018.


Here are the CliffsNotes with more information on each project below.

  1. Like Water
  2. CREATORS: Belinda Baggs
  3. Legend of the Iron Seahorse
  4. VanFiles: Portraits of Life on Wheels
  5. Gerry Lopez Takes Us into Chest Deep Powder at Mt. Bachelor
  6. The Graduate Starring Kiana Fores
  7. Meet the World’s Raddest Medical School Student: Torsten Durkan
  8. CREATORS: Aaron James
  9. (HEADSPACE): Bruce and Dana Brown
  10. John John Florence and the World’s Best Surfers Audition for North Shore 2
  11. LogDaze: Worm
  12. CREATORS: Ocean Ramsey
  13. CREATORS: Todd Richards
  14. CREATORS: Kalani and Oleema Miller
  15. CREATORS: Kameron Brown
  16. (HEADSPACE): John Philbin
  17. Alana Blanchard Opens Up about Pregancy (While Getting Her Portrait Drawn)
  18. Bonus: President Trump Explains How to Claim


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