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The Inertia

Hawaii is in the midst of a swell of epic proportions. Oahu’s outer reefs are closing out. Maui is shaking from the thunderous waves breaking at Jaws. Justine Dupont snagged the barrel of a lifetime. Brad Domke appeared on a skimboard. A windsurfer and an unknown surfer shared a wipeout that likely will give them both nightmares. It was a weekend to remember, and it’s still pumping.

Waimea Bay joined in on the fun, too. It was truly massive. It was a day for the Eddie. When the Bay is closing out, you know it’s big. In this day and age, we’re lucky enough to have access to tiny, incredible cameras that are attached to remotely controlled flying machines. It lets the viewer see angles that we couldn’t normally see without the use of a helicopter or wings, and a very skilled drone pilot named Ryan De Seixas took off over Waimea to capture footage of a weekend that blew the doors off most other weekends.

See more from De Seixas on YouTube.

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