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Well, it’s almost over. The world’s weirdest year is just about finished. In a few short hours, we’ll be saying seeya later to 2020 and hoping that 2021 will be better. It HAS to be better. Throughout all the awfulness, Carlos Gauna was flying his drone above the California coastline, looking for sharks. He found A LOT of them, and the footage he got is pretty breathtaking.

He warned some kids about a nearby shark. He recorded this heartbreaking footage of a great white with a catastrophic fin injury. He found seals playing with great whites, and he watched from the sky as a 9-foot great white inspected a family of paddlers. Gauna saw a lot this year. Here, in all its glory, are the best clips he got throughout the course of 2020.

See more from Carlos Gauna on his YouTube channel and follow him on Instagram.

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