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Editor’s Note: Power Trip” is presented by our partners at Visit California.

The Inertia is back on the road with our partners at Visit California, and this time Power Trip takes on the lush and diverse lands of Northern California. For this three-part series, we set out with two charismatic explorers for a voyage that crosses five regions of NorCal: San Francisco, North Coast, Central Valley, Gold Country, and the High Sierra.

So, you’re back for part 2? Or maybe you’re just joining us (if so, check out Part 1). Either way, we pick back up with the guys in Sonoma for an early morning hot air balloon ride with Sonoma Ballooning. After a successful flight, reciting “The Balloonist’s Prayer,” and a champagne toast, Luis and Jeremy spend an afternoon wandering the pulchritudinous (adjective: beautiful) grounds of Gundlach Bundschu Winery. They cleanse their palettes and cap the day sailing the high seas on the Schoonder Freda B. Tough gig up there in NorCal.

Watch Power Trip: An Adventurous Dash Through NorCal Part 2 above.

Tune in Wednesday, May 17th for part three.

 Interested in more road trip content? Check out Power Trip: An Adventurous Dash Through Southern California (Part 1) and Power Trip: An Adventurous Dash Through Southern California (Part 2) for our Southern California excursion.

Jeremy assumes the role of first mate as Luis mans the helm of the Schooner Freda B (under very close supervision of Captain Paul Dines)


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